Large Antique Shop Sign

Birmingham wholesale market trader sign

Painted pine board with hand decoration advertising the business of J D Hamon Ltd. Dating from the late 19th, early 20th century we do know quite a bit of its history.

We purchased the piece from a descendant of the family and it was quite literally a shed find, for at lest 40 years it had been used as a shelf in the shed!!!

J D Hamon were in the market business based in Birmingham’s wholesale market. This sign would have hung above their large pitch where they supplied flowers to the cities many traders and shops.

We love this piece, so decorative and evocative of the period. Painted in near a near black colour that has now aged to a crocodile skin texture with highlighted lettering and gilt detail to the moulding. It has naturally picked up further bumps and wear during its working lifetime and we do like the knowledge of why there has been a piece cut out of the top edge, just above the J……it was because a pipe had to be run through the area this hung so a piece was removed to accommodate!

To the bottom edge reads H. Pountney Ltd 315, Bradford St. This is an area of Birmingham not far from the wholesale market district and we presume the signwriters for this piece.

Double sided with one side showing more wear due to its use as a shelf.

After undertaking some added research we believe to have uncovered an old image of the market showing this sign. See black and white images.


Dimensions    Length 223cm    Height 36cm   Width 7cm


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