Naive Portrait of a Gentleman on a Zinc Panel


Striking naïve portrait of an early Victorian gentleman

A thoroughly charming portrait of a young man of the early Victorian period.

Painted in oils on a zinc plate. Underneath the backboard, to the verso of the plate is the name of the manufacturers, Waring & Dimes. This is a great aide to dating the piece as they were only in business for two years, 1840-42. In addition to this is the stamp of the suppliers, William Enoch of Leamington.

Further information can be acquired from the timber backboard itself. To the underside in pen and pencil is the legend ‘aged 27’. To the rear of the board in pencil ,copper plate writing is what we believe to read as ‘Charles Addson, Leamington House, Malvern Wells’……..however this is only our interpretation.

Housed within its original frame of birdseye maple this wonderful, naïve painting makes for a decorative antique.


Dimensions in CM

H 30    W 25    D2.8


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