American carved oak praying monk bookcase by R.J. Horner & Co


American carved oak praying monk bookcase by R.J. Horner & Co.

A finely made, well detailed and quite rare item to find in the UK having made the trip from the otherside of the Atlantic.

Of solid oak construction and crisply carved with figures, garlands and what we think are representations of pineapples. This particular style from the R.J. Horner company is commonly referred to as the praying monk bookcase. Finished in a pleasing ebony polish and in great condition, just one small loss to the lion paw foot as detailed in the images.

Robert J. Horner established his retail furniture company, R.J. Horner & Co in 1886 in Lower Manhattan with the goal of selling his furniture to a large market of buyers.

He marketed his pieces to both the wealthy and working class. While many of his contemporaries limited their  marketing radius to their immediate area, Horner made his name along the East Coast and even into the Mid West. Because Horner understood that people of all locations and financial means want quality furniture, he capitalised on a broader market.

R.J. Horner & Co earned a reputation as a top-notch furniture maker of his time with precisely, beautiful and distinctly carved pieces. He retired in 1915 after merging with a neighbouring manufacturer, George C. Flint.

This impressive bookcase/cabinet is certainly a good example of Horner finely work. the quality of the timber, carving and finishing is exceptional. An early piece circa 1890


Dimensions in CM

H 151        W 122       D 44