Becks WWI Trench Periscope

Tactile piece of First World War officers kit

An Officers trench periscope by R & J Beck dated 1917.

This would have been used to view over the top of a trench or around corners allowing the user to observe the enemy without being exposed to gunfire.

Presented in totally original condition. Made of brass with traces of the original olive drab paint and its ash wood handle. Optics are in remarkably good condition, the adjustable eye piece still works to focus the view, even after over 100 years the periscope is still usable today. Quite a testament to the manufacturing qualities. The ash handle unscrews smoothly.

We have previously seen examples with highly polished brass. This example being in totally original condition is superb, the naturally worn paint finish is perfect in our opinion and should be left as is.


Dimensions in CM

L 59cm


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